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Assured Private Investigations strives to provide excellent customer service to assist in finding truth.

API: Our Investigators utilize a variety of tools and resources to solve problems and offer an objective critical eye.

  1. Above and Beyond - Investigators are driven to provide our clients with superior results

  2. Professional Service - Investigators strive to be a trusted partner for our existing and future clients.

  3. Integrity - API Investigators always do what is in the best interest of our clients.







Justice gavel and eye glasses on pile of

Criminal Defense Investigations 


We will lend our Investigative Expertise.

"Poise the cause in justice's equal scales, whose beam stands sure, whose rightful cause prevails." ~ William Shakespeare

Our Belief:

Assured Private Investigations focuses on what is important to the customer.  We combine over 25 years of Law Enforcement and Wisconsin Department of Justice experience with more than 20 years of Operations Excellence and Lean Six Sigma experience.  This allows us to look at situations with a unique perspective that deploys a systematic and rigorous approach to problem solving. This supports increased efficiency for the business and increased value for the customer. How can we bring value to you?

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